Daily Discovery: K. Charles

By: Jake O’Brien

In the past few years, the state of Florida has been exploding with new music. Popular artists such as XXXTentacion, Kodak Black, Denzel Curry, and Lil Pump all call the southern tip of the country their home, and have propelled Florida to new heights in the music industry. Unfortunately, with so many diverse new sounds coming from a single state, countless talented musicians go regrettably unnoticed. With that being said, we present to you an artist based in Florida who is poised for success and longevity in the rap game.

K. Charles is a Miami native who has been making considerable progress in the constantly evolving hip-hop industry of Florida; where young rappers are engaged in a perpetual grapple for respect and exposure. We are here to introduce Charles, not as a new artist, but as one whose talent simply hasn’t received the level of acknowledgment we would expect for an artist as skilled as he is. Music is not merely a recently discovered career path for this young musician, K. Charles carries a respectable amount of experience accompanied by a feverish dedication to the pursuit of his dreams.

Less than a week ago, Charles dropped a new banger, “Georgetown”, on all streaming services. This track has earned him well-deserved exposure on various social media accounts and benefited him greatly in reaching new fans. Popular Instagram accounts such as @OurGenerationMusic and @RapDirect took the time to share “Georgetown” with their followers, and undoubtedly assisted in connecting the Florida artist with a substantially larger audience.

Featuring SK
Video Shot by FWAY Entertainment

Combining an insatiably catchy hook with a wavy, relaxed tone, “Georgetown” showcases an unexpected vocal range as well as the capacity to effortlessly lay down polished bars. Featured rapper SK contributes his own sauce to the single, giving a strong verse at the midway point of the song. “Georgetown” is a short example of the raw capabilities K. Charles has to offer as an artist, and we advise listeners who appreciate all spectrums of hip-hop to check out some of his music through the link provided. Stay tuned for our next Daily Discovery post which will be shared tomorrow!

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