Xriss Xross – “Prom Night” [Prod. Rusher]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s always a special occasion when we introduce an artist discovery to our pages, and today, this new find arrives in the form of Lowell native Xriss Xross and his single, “Prom Night”. From the very first time I clicked play on this song, it was the trunk-rattling bass kicks and passionate vocals that kept me entertained. Xriss Xross’ ability to ride right alongside the production is truly something special, and by maintaining this catchy flow, he floats atop the bright melodies without any friction whatsoever.

That being said, the subject matter of this song is something that we can all look back on and relate to. Thinking about the emotional and social aspects of prom night is a nostalgic take for a song, leading Xriss Xross to hit his audience right in the heart with lyrics that truly paint a picture for us all to latch onto and visualize. “Prom Night” is a very solid offering in this sense, so be sure to get hip to the Lowell native and click play at the link provided below!

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