Alejandro Blanco – ‘Risky Business’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Massachusetts offers an incredibly wide range of talented artists, and our goal here at Graduation Music is to shed light on as many of these acts as possible and get our readers hip to the next stars out of MA. That said, when it comes to the music scene in the state, one artist artist that you simply have to make sure you know goes by the name of Alejandro Blanco. You may remember him from the stellar project, AUGU$T, but even if you don’t, you should understand that this rising talent has been relentlessly churning out hits for quite some time now. He’s on a rapid ascent to the top, and making his case arrives a brand new EP today entitled Risky Business.

8 tracks long, this project is doused in the very artistic elements that made us fall in love with Alejandro Blanco’s music in the first place. His vocals remain at the intersection of sharp and smooth as ever, while lyrically, Blanco has only improved from his past offerings. Sonically, Risky Business finds its identity within the first three tracks, and from there, Blanco is able to remain is his bag while balancing a beautifully cohesive set of sounds on the production side of things at the very same time. In this way, the project is incredibly well put together, so make sure you show some love and click play at the link below. Alejandro Blanco is ready to be a star.

Production by LDG Beats, Love2x, SOUNDSBLVCEY, MORSHABZZ, Ricky Flaire, RoxburySound, and YOUNGINTRUE

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