YOUNGFACE – “dontwasteyourtime.”

By: Seamus Fay

Without a doubt in my mind, I can confidently say that YOUNGFACE is going to be a star. His portfolio of music jumps across several genres, a number of vocal styles, a constantly rotating selection of flows, and even a few instruments. To say that he’s versatile is an understatement. Today, YOUNGFACE is here on Graduation Music to keep his stocks on the insuppressible rise with a brand new single entitled “dontwasteyourtime”. Entirely produced, written, mixed, and mastered by himself, this offering reminds us exactly why all eyes are on the Massachusetts native right now.

That being said, the solemn nature and gentle presence of “dontwasteyourtime” are what it makes it such a unique offering, especially in the context of an artist who has released everything from hard-nosed raps to acoustic guitar offerings. YOUNGFACE’s artistry is seemingly limitless under this scope, and “dontwasteyourtime.” fits right in. The instrumental burns slow while the rising talent’s vocals tiptoe in and out of the spotlight, only to make room for passionate melodies to hold up the back end of things. “dontwasteyourtime” is about to do some serious numbers, so get hip early and give it a listen at the link below:

Cover art by @gregisonfire

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