Marquis Filthy – “Ms Mack”

By: Seamus Fay

In many cases, the songs that I enjoy listening to most are those that tell a story. The idea of describing an experience to a listener seems quite simple, but the methods of garnering and maintaining attention are far from easy to obtain; maybe they’re innate or maybe they can be learned, but either way, they’re quite complex to fully grasp. One artist that has always been able to catch my ear in this way is Boston native Marquis Filthy — an act that, if you have been following Graduation music for some time now, you have undoubtedly stumbled on at least once or twice. Today, he brings us a new story with his latest song, “Ms Mack”.

Set over the backdrop of an ever-so-smooth instrumental, this song describes the way that pure intentions can get caught up with a bad reputation if caught at the wrong time, specifically in the eyes of his love interest’s mother, Ms. Mack. Words can’t fully capture the ample supply of emotion that Filthy brings to the light with his sparkling cadences, but it goes without saying that the story at hand is one he feels genuinely passionate about. You can hear the feeling in his voice, in the way he transitions between points of the story, and most noticeably, in the diction that he chooses to lead the verses with.

That said, experience “Ms Mack” in all of its heartful glory by clicking play at the link below:

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