K$ubi Kayy – “I Want You”

By: Seamus Fay

Ever since the first time I became familiar with K$ubi Kayy’s music, what has always caught my ear has been the conviction that you can hear so clearly in the rising talent’s voice. He exerts energy in the most passionate of ways, and by choosing just the right instrumentals to contain this looming presence on any track, Kayy has built up a hell of a rapport with his listeners as a consistent, highly-talented artist. You can always count on him to go hard, and today, he does just this with a new, self-produced single entitled “I Want You”.

Backed by an ongoing, beautifully-fit soul sample and starting off with a nod to the ever-important vine, “F*ck it up, Kenneth“, it goes without saying that this track hits the ground running from the very first second on. Kayy wastes no time in his introduction, and right off of the bat, listeners can hear the full scope of his lyrical capabilities to an emphatic extent. That said, “I Want You” is nearly four minutes of dense, memorable bars and vivid descriptions of both past hustles and future ambitions. It’s a gem of a release and a clear testament to the fact that K$ubi Kayy is about to be something big. So don’t sleep.

Click play on the newest from the CT native at the link below:

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