Kingfrom98 – “PA1D/Drop” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill 

One of the most hardworking artists in the Boston area, Kingfrom98, makes his return to the Graduation Music pages today with the music video for two of his singles, “PA1D” and “Drop”. The visuals, which were shot, directed, and edited by Tanj, was elegantly done, and perfectly encapsulates the energy of both of these tracks. I’ve been seeing more and more work from Tanj throughout the last couple of weeks, each time casting a spotlight upon some lesser known, yet extremely talented, artists throughout the Bay State. The video is all-around visually pleasing, and not only showcases Kingfrom98, but provides a glimpse at his team as well.

“PA1D” is the song in the first half of the music video, and it’s here where Kingfrom98 lets the masses know that the only thing he’s focused on at the moment is his bag. Distractions come at him from all angles and in many different forms, but he’s on a path towards greatness, and is doing all that he can to remain on this path. During the time he was making this track, Kingfrom98 was in the midst of a rough patch in life. Despite this, he was successful in overcoming what he endured, making an incredibly addictive song in the process. Living proof that we all can overcome adversity, Kingfrom98 wants the world to know that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Drop” is the song present within the second half of the video, and much like “PA1D”, this offering is a straight-up hit. Yet to be released anywhere besides this video, “Drop” is a wonderful addition to Kingfrom98’s arsenal of tracks. Every song he’s put out has been mixed, mastered, and engineered by himself, showcasing the fact that he is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Kingfrom98 is in the studio every day, whether it be working on music of his own, or assisting other artists with their own music-making process. People like him are what help make our scene as promising as it is. Props to everyone involved with the making of the “PA1D/Drop” video, this one is something to be extremely proud of.

Watch the “PA1D/Drop” music video below:

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