Fabz Above – “Hennnnny Sippa” ft. Donald Grunge & Splash Got’Em [Prod. Maka]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, we’ve been longtime fans of the ever-infectious, hard-hitting sounds of none other than Fabz Above. His talents range over a variety of different energies and stylistic ventures, but what will always remain an integral part of Fabz’ artistry is his ability to garner energy with ease. And at that, he never fails to entertain. Today, Fabz Above shows off these skills alongside Donald Grunge and Splash Got’Em with a brand new single entitled “Hennnnny Sippa”.

Produced by Maka, — who is quickly becoming the go-to producer for some of Boston’s most promising young talents — this track starts right off the bat with an ample supply of animated deliveries. The truth is, “Hennnnny Sippa” doesn’t hold any boring points throughout its 2-minute and 45-second glory, and only adding fuel to the fire are some unforgettable features from Grunge and Splash. This trio, backed by Maka, can do no wrong, and “Hennnnny Sippa” is just proof of this undeniable chemistry that they hold together. Boston has a bright future on its hands.

Listen to “Hennnnny Sippa” at the link below:

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