Chase Murphy – “No Mo” [Dir. Daymian Meija]

By: Seamus Fay

If we’re being honest with ourselves, few artists in Massachusetts are producing the same quality of music as Chase Murphy right now, especially at such a consistent rate. It seems as though every time he drops, I become even more impressed than I was with the last release, and this theme has continuously remained prevalent throughout the young artist’s entire journey towards the top as of yet. Today, we see the full scope of the soon-to-be star’s artistry, as he releases a visual companion for the summer-minded single, “No Mo“.

Directed by Daymian Meija, this video keeps things fairly simplistic while maximizing the natural energy that the song brings forth. In truth, “No Mo” is an unbelievable track as it is, and no visuals could complement this as well as the crisp scenery that we see with Murphy and his team dancing to the sun-soaked melodies. Chase Murphy is on his way towards doing some very special things, so be sure to keep on top of his new releases.

Show some love and watch “No Mo” at the link below:

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