Marquis Filthy – “Amnesia” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Boston is currently home to an insane number of highly-talented newcomers, one of which goes by the name Marquis Filthy. Filthy has been making arguably some of the best music coming out of the state for quite some time now, and with every new release, he continues to move his creative vision forward with a thorough, addictive touch. That being said, today, fans receive the newest visual companion from Marquis Filthy for the song “Amnesia’.

Reminding us all that if we truly have a dream, we shouldn’t let anything get in the way of achieving it, this track is an anthem by itself. Once fitting scenery of Filthy and a love interest of his are added, the sound and feel are enhanced and brought to new heights, making for a perfect example of how Marquis Filthy has such a strong grip on his strengths and sonic/creative direction. Be sure not to miss this one, because Boston’s own did something truly impressive.

Watch “Amnesia” below:

Directed by Christ Genty (GentyProVisions)
Co-directed by Josh Patterson
Concert Footage by Daymian Mejia
Written by Marquis Filthy
Produced by Chvlly

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