LilDeathStar – “Meds” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

LilDeathStar has made his presence known on our pages time and time again with a number of standout releases over the past few months. It’s no secret by now that he’s making his name as one of the most promising artists out, and today, we see this put to its full effect with the new video for “Meds”. This was the first release of DeathStar’s catalog (yes, you read that correctly), doused with drug-induced rhymes that clearly show his prowess from such an early point in his career — a feat that few other artists can say they have achieved to this extent.

Now that “Meds” has been translated visually, we see the full scope of the uniquely passionate creative vision that the young artist brings to the table. He matches the hypnotic rhythms of his music with mesmerizing colors and effects that enhance the single at hand to an entirely new level. In doing so, new meaning is assigned to the presence of drug use within “Meds”, and from the viewer’s point of view, it makes for a magnificently cohesive release that refuses to be looked over.

LilDeathStar is putting out some incredible work, so check out “Meds” at the link below and keep an eye out for this soon-to-be star in the future!

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