YOUNGFACE – “Forgive Me”

By: Seamus Fay

It seems as though you can’t mention the name YOUNGFACE without bringing up the young talent’s remarkable versatility, and rightfully so. Few artists have shown such a wide range of high-quality stylistic ventures throughout their catalog, and in such a way,  YOUNGFACE has continued to impress with every successive song he puts out. Today, fans are blessed with one of the finest efforts to date from this soon-to-be star – a demo entitled “Forgive Me”.

First things first, yes, this is a demo. But no, it doesn’t feel that way. The soft, yet comforting presence of soul-filled guitar riffs lays out just the right backdrop for YOUNGFACE’s incredibly impressive vocals, allowing him to bless us with yet another unique yet highly-addictive piece of music. “Forgive Me” also holds no shortage of authenticity and raw emotion, so it only makes sense that the lyrics follow right alongside in their beautifully candid presence.

That being said, YOUNGFACE’s newest offering provides clear reason as to why he’s making waves as one of Massachusetts’ most talented artists right now. Be sure to click play at the link below and keep an eye out for new music sometime soon!

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