[PREMIERE] Jordan Carter – “Sauce Drippin On The Left Side”

By: Seamus Fay

Anyone that has been reading Graduation Music for a minute now knows about the electrifying skills of Boston native, Jordan Carter. His hit-filled mixtape, My Favorite Things, still makes its rounds in my personal playlist, and in short, this is an artist whose music impactfully channels of the intersection between effortlessly cool style and noteworthy technical skill. Furthering this, Carter’s rhymes stick in your head before you’re even aware of it, and such is the case with his latest single which we’re here to premiere, “Sauce Drippin On The Left Side”.

As the title entails, this Joe Muruguru-produced banger focuses on the “sauce” that we all hear in Carter’s music. It’s apparent in his voice, smooth deliveries, and intricate flows, but most significantly, we hear this in his rhymes, as they seemingly float over the beat without any friction whatsoever. The orchestra-fueled instrumental on this one ups the ante and leaves room for the sauce-filled vocals that make up the hook, and in every element, this is a standout release for Jordan Carter.

As if “Sauce Drippin On The Left Side” needed any more momentum to push it over the edge, we also receive a visual companion with this one. The music video looks to the imagery of the orchestra to find it’s power, and seeing Carter in his suit, directing the musical magic happening right in front of him is what solidifies this as an important moment for the Boston native. He’s hungry for the top, and the latest from J’s catalog is proof that he’s back and better than before.

Watch the music video for “Sauce Drippin On The Left Side” at the link provided below:

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