Kingfrom98 – “Black Balenciagas”

By: Shamus Hill 

Making his debut onto the Graduation Music pages is none other than Boston’s own, Kingfrom98. “Black Balenciagas” is the catchy record that you need in your life right about now, with Kingfrom98 detailing his desire to put on for the people in his life who’ve continuously shown him love and support.

While Kingfrom98 has a noteworthy presence on this track, what ultimately blew me away was the fact that he was also responsible for mixing and mastering the song. In addition to “Black Balenciagas”, he mixed and mastered the rest of his catalog as well, showcasing how much of a multi-faceted artist he truly is. This record in particular features some high-energy production, which Kingfrom98 captures well. While things may not have always been easy in his life, he’s got his eyes set on being a successful artist, and is willing to do whatever necessary to achieve that goal.

As you dive deeper and deeper into his Soundcloud, you’ll ultimately end up with a few new additions to your musical rotation. “Attention” was his most recent release prior to “Black Balenciagas”, and I honestly love that track as much as I do this one. Kingfrom98 is already showing that he can successfully diversify his sound, so I’m really excited to see what he’s got coming for us next.

Listen to “Black Balenciagas” below:

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