WillWithTheBeads – ‘Three Months Later’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Scrolling through the endless pages of SoundCloud, I always seem to stumble upon one thing or another that I end up falling in love with. Today, that piece of music comes in the form of Boston artist WillWithTheBeads and his latest project, Three Months Later. But before we delve into this one, I want one thing to be clear: this rising talent may be fairly undiscovered in his home city at the moment, but with the abundance of hit-worthy potential that we hear on his new tape, I hold no hesitation in saying that WillWithTheBeads could just be up next if he can get the right ears hearing his music.

That being said, throughout the course of 16 songs, Three Months Later brings fans into the world of this Boston talent by way of infectious, light-hearted anthems. Themes of happiness, love, and ambition are what lead the identity of the project, but a wide range of emotions are covered over its duration, all of which are presented in an infectious light that clearly shows the refined artistry that WillWithTheBeads holds. He’s a remarkably talented songwriter with a beautiful voice, and with this project as direct proof, I believe that Will can go far considering the undeniable potential that he possesses.

Listen to Three Months Later at the link below:

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