FROZE.40 – “Ride” [Prod. JGONTHEKEYS]

By: Seamus Fay

Garnering energy that others can latch onto is what makes music most impactful, whether it be in someone’s headphones or on a stage in front of 10,000 people. FROZE.40 is a Boston-based group that has been manifesting their own energy while churning out a number of hits in recent months, and today, they’re here to make their well-deserved Graduation Music debut with a brand new, sun-soaked banger entitled “Ride”. But before we jump further into this one, it should be known that Boston has already seen a number of songs that could be candidates for song of the summer, and even so, “Ride” nears the top of the list.

Produced by none other than JGONTHEKEYS, this track seems to work so well due to its unwavering supply of positive, warm-weathered energy. The melodic deliveries make perfect sense alongside a barrage of quotable bars, and in this way, each artist kills it in their respective role. FROZE.40 knows its strengths and clearly understands where they’re best applicable, making for one of the best summer songs to come out of Boston this year, from the first second to the last.

That being said, don’t sleep – listen to “Ride” at the link below:

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