LilDeathStar – “LATENIGHT”

By: Seamus Fay

LilDeathStar may be one of our newest discoveries here at Graduation Music, but nevertheless, he’s holding his own off of the strength of sheer consistency and quality in his music. Both of these traits are, of course, very favorable as an artist, and they seem to be extra special when they come as naturally as they come to the Providence native. With that being said, supporting these claims, we’re here to welcome DeathStar back to our pages today with his newest single, “LATENIGHT”.

Finding truth in the emotions that remain after a tough breakup, this single seems to fuel itself through the unapologetic use of pure honesty. DeathStar doesn’t back down from what he feels inside even for a second, and in doing so, he makes for a passionate song that exhibits the power of unwavering authenticity. Aside from this, the trunk-rattling bass clashes with melodic, memorable deliveries and an abundant supply of clever bars, crafting together a sonic atmosphere that perfectly fits the eccentric skills that this young talent brings to the table.

Listen to “LATENIGHT” at the link below:

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