Danny Diamonds – “Pacifier” [Prod. Illuid Haller]

By: Seamus Fay

All things considered, Boston might just be looking at its newest star in Danny Diamonds. Not only has the rising talent seen incredible success with his streaming numbers, but at face value, he also possesses some of the most exquisite vocal skills that I’ve heard in a minute – and it doesn’t end there, as these skills are complemented by an exuberant personality and clear songwriting abilities far ahead of his time. With that being said, we here at Graduation Music welcome readers to listen to the latest from Diamonds, “Pacifier”.

Produced by Illuid Haller, this single’s warm-weathered energy immediately takes shape as the perfect song to take over the summer. It’s an anthemic offering in every sense of the word, and by sticking to the talent and charisma that the Boston native seems to thrive from, we hear Diamonds at his best, sonically. As if we needed any more evidence, there doesn’t exist a valid argument to say that Danny Diamonds isn’t something special, at this point. He is well on his way towards a rapid ascent to the top, so make sure you don’t sleep.

Listen to “Pacifier” at the link below:

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