Leo The Kind – “No Drama”

By: Seamus Fay

Simply put, Leo The Kind is a star. We’ve featured him on our pages here at Graduation Music in the past, and yet, with every successive release, it seems as if he only sharpens his skills and gives us something entirely new to be obsessed with. Leo’s ranging talents of crisp instrumentation, versatile sonic direction, and undying energy can be compiled into an entire catalog of incredible releases, and today, he’s here yet again to add to the list with “No Drama”. But before we get into this one, I will say that, in all honesty, it might just be my favorite offering from Leo The Kind to date. And that’s saying something.

As the title denotes, “No Drama” is a step away from the annoyances and social dramaticism that we encounter on a regular basis. Leo is proclaiming his status as an introvert, and by backing this up with a marvelous lyrical performance that speaks of just how much he avoids the negativity, it’s no wonder why he seems to be so lively in his deliveries. The authentic exuberance and intoxicating sounds that we hear on “No Drama” remind us of why this rising talent holds the status as such a galvanizing young artist, and with that being said, this is one of the best songs I’ve heard of Massachusetts in 2018.

Listen to “No Drama” at the link below:

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