YOUNGFACE – “Ghosting”

By: Seamus Fay

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. YOUNGFACE’s versatility is not only one of the most impressive aspects of artistry that we’re seeing out of Massachusetts right now, but it’s also only at the beginning of its star-bound journey. Every successive release has shown improvement or an addition to the range of styles that the rising talent is able to cover, and with his latest offering, “Ghosting”, as proof, this will surely continue to be the case in the future. And of course – while we seem to focus on versatility, let’s not forget the unreal consistency at hand right now. YOUNGFACE simply hasn’t missed yet.

That being said, the reason that “Ghosting” is such an impactful addition to his catalog is greatly owed to the way it offers such a switch-up from the norm. The beat follows an ominous path of sound, only to be laced with an unapologetic degree of lyricism that reminds of how talented a songwriter this artist is, and all things considered, “Ghosting” is a showcase of just how skilled YOUNGFACE really is. The stocks are rising and he’s only getting better, so be sure to hop on the wave now and show some love to this gem of an artist.

Click play on “Ghosting” at the link below:

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