Michael Christmas Releases ‘Role Model’ Album Artwork and Tracklist

By: Seamus Fay

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been blasting Michael Christmas’ two most recent singles, “Girlfriend” and “Ball“, at obnoxiously loud volumes throughout the past few weeks in anticipation for his forthcoming album, Role Model. Due for release on June 22nd, we’re approaching the drop date quite rapidly, and just this past week, Christmas decided to bring us one step closer by releasing the artwork (as seen above) and tracklist (below) for the album.

15 songs in length, Role Model is already shaping up to be the album of the summer, and alongside newly-unveiled features from Cousin Stizz, G Perico, Domo Genesis, and Tobi Lou, this idea is only reinforced. The music has been stellar as of late, Christmas has been in the studio working, and it looks like we’re about to receive yet another unbelievable LP to add to his resume of releasing unbelievable projects. That being said, peep the tracklist below and get ready for next Friday, June 22nd!


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