Mellowgod – “Bankroll”

By: Seamus Fay

If there’s anyone that can attest to the truly limitless number of promising young talent in Massachusetts right now, it has to be none other than my guy @gregisonfire. He always has his ear to the streets, and surfing through SoundCloud the other day, Greg put me onto a Boston artist by the name of Mellowgod that I had never heard of before. Today, this newcomer here at Graduation Music makes his debut appearance with the melodic song, “Bankroll”.

As the title entails, this track is a money-minded anthem that certainly gives us a look into the more flex-worthy elements of Mellowgod’s artistry. His rhymes are sharply cut and delivered with controlled, emphatic flows, only to be complemented by the simplistic, wavy keys that assist the instrumental on “Bankroll”. It’s an entertaining listen for all those looking on SoundCloud for something to add to their playlists, and with that being said, this certainly won’t be Mellowgod’s only appearance on Graduation Music as he continues to release music.

Listen to the latest from the Boston talent at the link below and thank Greg for the discovery!

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