By: Seamus Fay

Exuberant energy, passionate vocals, and charismatic personality. These are just three of the main traits that come to mind when trying to describe the relentless force that WHYTRI has become within Massachusetts’ budding music scene. Writing articles about his music in the past has always been both a pleasure and a privilege, as very few artists bring forth such intense bouts of illustrative, vivid feelings through their artistic expression. That being said, WHYTRI’s artistry has become increasingly refined and mastered through the lens of each successive release, and today, we here at Graduation Music are proud to help exhibit this rising talent in full form on his latest, Beato-produced offering, “GUESSWHOIDK”.

At its very core, the reason that this track seems to work so well is due to the unapologetic, spirited presence that comes to fruition within its reckless melodies and pounding drum patterns. The impassioned deliveries and melodic cadences from Tri himself shed light on his versatile talents as a vocalist, and by embracing the ominous sound of the instrumental on this one, he shows a clear understanding on how to make each bar as impactful as possible. With this, “GUESSWHOIDK” is an anthem of self-confidence and the value of treating yourself like a boss if you want to be a boss. The song doesn’t slow for anything or anyone, and WHYTRI clearly defies the idea of being held back by anyone who is in the way of his progression as both an artist and an individual.

That being said, this is yet another undeniable banger to add to the collection of hits that WHYTRI has given us in the past, so be sure to spin this one at the link below:

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