NoahxJackson – “Trust Yourself”

By: Seamus Fay

The name Noah Jackson has crossed my screen several times in recent months, but for some reason, it never quite clicked as to why I hadn’t listened to his music. Today, however, after a long time coming, I’ve finally given this bicoastal artist a listen, and my initial reaction is simply disappointed with myself as to why I slept on such a promising young talent for so long. Noah Jackson’s music is not only comprehensive in the way that it paints such vivid pictures of raw emotion, but also in the way that it comes to fruition with such a genuine touch, both in sound and in lyricism. That being said, “Trust Yourself” – the latest offering from this MA-bred talent – showcases these features wonderfully.

Produced by WhiteNoise1000, this single is immediately brought to eye-level by way of fervent cadences and a ringing hook that will surely remain in your head after just one listen. It proclaims that there’s no one more important to bet on than yourself, and following a melodic path of sounds, such a sentiment arrives at the spotlight in a very pure fashion. Noah Jackson exhibits true strength in delivering such a well-executed single, and in all honesty, this song could most definitely be considered an anthem not just for the summer, but for life. That being said, Noah Jackson’s Graduation Music debut is an incredibly strong one, as he just released one of his finest offerings to date.

Watch the visuals for “Trust Yourself” courtesy of Dave Eaves at the link below:

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