Zeus WRLD – “Versace”

By: Seamus Fay

Whether we can directly relate to it or not, it’s always a great time listening to flex-worthy music, and at its core, I’d say that the reason for doing so would not only be for entertainment, but also as inspiration, to some extent. Hearing the names of designer brands or descriptions of luxurious occurrences resonates with us all and makes us feel good, and not many artists are able to communicate this without coming off in a cookie-cutter manner. One artist that confidently brings this style to fruition while keeping it refreshing at the same time is Zeus WRLD. Originally sent to me by none other than the music discovery all-star himself, @gregisonfire, Zeus is here to make his Graduation music debut today with “Versace”.

Hailing from Boston, this young talent immediately strikes me as the holder of an abundant supply of energy. He doesn’t use the electrifying production on “Versace” as a support to lean back on, but instead as a runway towards larger-than-life deliveries and melodic cadences that help to fuel the single from the first second to the last. Lyrically, he weaves in and out between women, fashion, and braggadocious lines of why Zeus has the game on lock, yet it never seems to get monotonous in any way. The booming bass hits drive this song into anthemic status, and overall, Zeus WRLD’s first introduction on our pages is a standout one, without a doubt.

That being said, don’t sleep. Click play on “Versace” at the link below:

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