Goten – “F*ck 12”

By: Seamus Fay

Stumbling around on SoundCloud always seems to result in the discovery of gems, and esepcially in Boston’s music community, these gems are scattered all over the place. Today, marking a solid new discovery, we welcome Boston-based artist Goten and his new single, “F*ck 12”. At face value, the sentiment is simple and you may not be expecting anything that you haven’t heard before, but trust me – Goten is able to take this song and provide it with a refreshing energy that any listener can rock with.

It all starts off with the instrumental. Sonically, it fits this rising talent and his vocal style perfectly. The synth-led melodies follow smoothly along with the grain of the drums, and Goten floats over this instrumental by letting out rapidly-paced flows that seem to catch every pocket of air in just the right moment. Then we add on the lyricism. What truly caught my ear was the fact that Goten doesn’t only focus on hating police. He starts with this and looks at all those in his life who have been affected by the police, but goes on to come up with the conclusion that these harships only make him more determined to work hard in music. It comes full circle, lending “F*ck 12” a note of admirable strength that makes this an even more enoyable and inspiring listen for the fans out there.

I could go on about this gem all day, but be sure to check it out for yourself and click play at the link below:

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