By: Seamus Fay

Okay, we need to get one thing straight before we get into this one: YOUNGFACE isn’t just one of the most promising talents to come out of Massachusetts, but he’s also one of the most versatile. Whether we’re hearing him pour out his heart or create vivid images of flex-worthy occurrences, he is able to lock into a variety of cohesive energies, and for this reason, I’ve only become more and more of a fan with every successive release from his corner. Today, we receive a brand new offering from YOUNGFACE entitled “Ocean” – and trust me, this isn’t the one to sleep on.

The slowed-down, relaxed instrumental comes across within the first few seconds as a bit more downbeat than the other instrumentals we have heard the MA talent on in the past. He usually tends to find his sound in faster-paced beats, full of excitement, but even with the downbeat speed on this one, YOUNGFACE proves himself to motivate through it effortlessly. Every bar graces the background melodies with a soft touch, lightly bouncing from one line to the next, and by letting his vocals go in this fashion, we hear this rising star in an incredibly authentic light.

Listen to “Ocean” at the link below:

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