K$UBI KAYY – “Count It Up” [Prod. Drumz]

By: Seamus Fay

Sure, Graduation Music focuses on music from Massachusetts, but that’s not to say by any means that some of our neighboring states aren’t doing their thing, as well. One of these standout scenes in the New England area right now is Connecticut and the hotbed of newcomers that the state has blessed us with. Within its supply of promising young artists lies an absolute gem and one of my personal favorites out of CT currently – K$UBI KAYY. His creative vision lets the music speak for itself, and no better introduction will show this than his newest single, “Count It Up”.

Produced by Drumz, Kayy’s latest offering comes from a place of absolute dedication and ambition in both sounds and lyrics. Each line counts the wins that have already occurred while patiently plotting on the wins to come, and with a mesmerizing beat to set the background, we receive a very cohesive piece from the first second to the last. On top of all of this, “Count It Up” grants listeners the ability to buy into the vision and truly feel the glass ceiling of “blowing up” that K$UBI KAYY is knocking on right now. He’s on the verge of success, and personally, I can’t wait for this inevitable happening to come to fruition.

Stay locked in and listen to “Count It Up” at the link below:

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