Cave – “Let’s Ride”

By: Seamus Fay

Anyone who has been following Graduation Music for some time now certainly knows just how enthusiastic we are about Cave and his music. The undying, passionate emotion that he emits on any and every song makes for sonic masterpieces, one after another, and today, we see evidence of this artistic prowess yet again with his brand new single, “Let’s Ride”. Premiered on Jamn 94.5 a few days back, this song will also be featured on Cave’s currently-unnamed forthcoming project.

At the very center of its purpose, this track finds the Boston native deep within a feeling of love. He paints vivid images of self-improvement and what love could turn into if the girl is down to ride, and in this light, we see Cave at his purest form yet again. The sound of this song takes to a guitar-led instrumental to fuel its energy, leading into the smooth pace of the promising talent’s vocals as they join together with unrivaled chemistry. This track adds to the history of incredible music that Cave has offered to fans, and if it’s any indication of what is to come on his new project, we’re all in for a serious treat upon its release.

Stream “Let’s Ride” at the link below:

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