Stefan – “Got What U Need” [Prod. Derrick Pannther]

By: Seamus Fay

Being a frequent flyer here at Graduation Music, Stefan is an artist that I have seemingly watched grow right in front of my eyes. His artistry has come to be increasingly refined and improved, and with his newest single, “Got What U Need”, the Brockton talent takes yet another step toward final form. The way he depicts emotion, passion, and the human responses to both is second to none, doing so in a way that not only attracts listeners, but provides a level of relatability in describing such universal feelings.

Although I seem to emphasize the lyrical capabilities and songwriting skill that this young artist holds, it’s equally as important to mention two other major factors that have led to his successes as an artist: executing creative vision without compromising anything, and pure vocal talent. Both of these characteristics come through in “Got What U Need” wonderfully, and topped off by production from Derrick Pannther, Stefan’s vocals are taken to the top as he clearly communicates the point that the song sets out to describe.

This is yet another impressive offering from Stefan, so be sure to show some love and click play on “Got What U Need” at the link below:

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