DJ Lucas – “I Can’t Shake”

By: Seamus Fay

Marked by an undiminishing loyalty to his home state and a heart full of appreciation for the little things in life, DJ Lucas is one of rap’s most unique, lovable characters. He knows how to make music with these compelling qualities at the forefront of things, and in every new offering, he takes fans further into the eccentric creative vision of his character. Today, we are blessed with quite possibly my favorite DJ Lucas song to date in “I Can’t Shake” – a song that will undoubtedly give you chills in your first few listens.

Produced by frequent collaborator Sly C, this collaboration of two highly-talented gems makes for a song that refuses to be imitated in its energy. An acoustic guitar and Lucas’ carefully-placed vocals reflect a soulful pureness in ways that most artists can’t, as the lyrics deeply contemplate the mind of a traveler. The world is an unforgiving, mysterious force, and “I Can’t Shake” approaches this with unbearing strength and incredible wisdom. Naturally, we can conclude with this song (once again) that DJ Lucas is so, so, so important.

Listen to his latest offering at the link below:

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