By: Shamus Hill 

Here to present you with the fourth episode of Graduation Music Radio today are none other than your hosts, Shamus Hill and Shlomo Bowe. Featuring talents from Boston and beyond, GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO sets out to shine a light on some of our area’s most talented individuals. Be on the lookout for a new episode every other Monday!



Maverick ft. Michael Christmas – “Galaga” (Prod. Twaynethekidd)

Maka – “Throwback” 

Connor Donovan – “Spent” (Prod. Connis)

MEECH – “Sometimes Pain Can Be A Drug Too Pt. II” (Prod. Tone Beats) 

Kayce ft. MyCompiledThoughts – “Sleep” (Prod. Arthur Maressa/Anthony Malary)

Bouve – “You” (Prod. SonoBeats)

StupidGenius – “Legacy” (Prod. POUNDA)

XNDRSOUND – “Cnflctd” (Prod. Humbeats)

Skaa – “About It” (Prod. Young Taylor x Jura Kez)

Maeko ft. BLAKE – “Amber” (Prod. BLAKE) 

Tai Chi – “PROBLEMZ” 

iLL Addicts – “Rich Together” (Prod. ProSwervez) 

Artem Bell – “2 Counties” (Prod. Thornbed) 

86 (Dirty Dan) – “Threat Level Tiger” 

Kleo – “Bands” 

Briefcvse – “Pockets” (Prod. briefbeets)

Major Baby – “Chips N Dip” (Prod. Slight)

Superior – “NO HESITATION” (Prod. Slick) 

Mizzie CA$H – “Splash” (Prod. NonBruh)

Keanyon – “Gundam” (Prod. IKnowShellz) 

NABI – “Glover” (Prod. SUBJXCT 5)

Donald Grunge – “Tyler Jeans” (Prod. Elz) 

Reek Money – “Smoking Kills” (Prod. Grovesidework)


PuddaH – “Clouty” (Prod. Cor Blanco)

Bernard Jabs – “Polo Robe” (Prod. Mike Hector)

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