Slim Guerilla – “Hall of Fame” [Prod. Genshin]

By: Seamus Fay

From the moment I first heard his production capabilities, I knew that Genshin is certainly no name to sleep on. His highly unique style sets him apart from the crowd with ease, and by unapologetically sticking to his sound with every new release, the young talent is quickly becoming a widely-respected producer by paving his own lane. Making his Graduation Music debut just a few weeks ago, Genshin is back on our pages today to unleash his latest production credit on Slim Guerilla’s new single, “Hall of Fame”.

This single latches onto the infectious, melodic style that the Connecticut producer seems to deliver so effortlessly, and once complimented by Slim Guerilla’s charismatic, clever wordplay, “Hall of Fame” truly takes form as a standout offering from both artists. It’s the marriage of two inimitable waves, conjoined in feeling as they weave through one another. That being said, Genshin and Guerilla both did their thing on this one, so be sure not sleep, as they’re both ready to take on a steady ascent towards the top as the year goes on.

Listen to “Hall of Fame” below:

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