[PREMIERE] LiBossi x Dan Esab – “Hearts and Flowers”

By: Seamus Fay

Just a few weeks ago, an artist by the name LiBossi made his Graduation Music debut with an energetic single entitled “Cheryl David” – an anthemic offering and personally, one of my favorite songs to come out of the Boston area in recent months. Today, the Dorchester native makes his return to our pages with a brand new song, “Hearts and Flowers”, alongside London-based artist Dan Esab. The minute that LiBossi gave me a listen to this one prior to release, I knew that we had to do a Graduation Music premiere. “Hearts and Flowers” is quite simply something special.

The reason that I first fell in love with LiBossi’s sound was due to his unrivaled ability to bring lively energy to a song while maintaining a polished authenticity that not many artists can hold. He clearly showed an advanced artistry far beyond his years, and “Hearts and Flowers” follows this same trend. Its melodic textures and illustrative, bellowing soundscapes make for an unbelievable release in whole, and with this song as proof, it truly goes without saying that LiBossi and Dan Esab are the perfect duo.

From the first second to the last, this track acts as the perfect offering to bring listeners from the winter months into the spring, so don’t sleep. Listen to “Hearts and Flowers” below and embrace all of the passionate, infectious energy that both LiBossi and Esab bring to the table.

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