YOUNGFACE – “bifld”

By: Seamus Fay

YOUNGFACE: one of our latest artist discoveries from the Boston area and truly one of the best that we have stumbled upon as of yet. His ability to construct genuine passion and emotion into vocal deliveries and lyricism is second to none, and ever since I became so drawn to my first taste of YOUNGFACE with his single, “Wakeup“, I haven’t been able to keep the young talent out of my speakers. Today, we proudly bring to you his new music video for “bifld” – yet another compelling single that, if you weren’t already hip to, is a must-listen, music video or not.

The premise of this song is an accepted confusion and love of life that leads into a ringing chorus, rallied by a few words that hit home for some reason: “B*tch I feel like dancing“. YOUNGFACE embraces his full range of potential over innocent, key-led production, looking around at the flex-worthy and ambitious elements of life until he comes to an interesting stop, noticing that no one is next to him. He basks in the limelight with a lonely sentiment yet triumphant attitude, and subsequently, a glimpse of artistry far beyond his years. Looking at the structure of the song itself, you can’t deny that YOUNGFACE is something special.

Matched to simple yet reassuring visuals (shot by A+ Visuals and directed by Tom Leary), this song finds new life in scenes of the rising talent in a variety of different situations, looking around at the world in his lap and sort of figuring things out as he goes. It’s a well-executed, aesthetically-pleasing fit to an incredible song, so don’t sleep. YOUNGFACE is ready to keep the stocks rising.

Watch “bifld” at the link below:

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