Superior – “Flex”

By: Seamus Fay

If it feels like Superior has been on fire as of late, well, that’s because it’s true. His current hot streak is nothing short of impressive, and considering the quality of content that this Boston native is pushing out right now, the stocks are only rising as 2018 moves on. Today, the Graduation Music frequent flyer is back on our pages yet again to drop off some spectacular new visuals for a song by the name of “Flex”. However, before we get into it, even though I probably say this with every new release from Superior, I must say that I truly believe this is one of his finest offerings to date.

Set to the tune of deeply-cut bass kicks and an infectious, sparkling melody, this track takes aim as a banger from the very first second. Superior is as unforgiving and ruthless as ever in terms of both lyricism and delivery, and overall, there truly is no better introduction to his character than we see on “Flex”. Take all of this and match it with a crisp visual companion courtesy of Puma, and you have a standout release from front to back, ready to keep things moving up for Superior and his camp.

Watch the ELEVATOR-premiered music video for “Flex” below.

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