Trezavelli – “100k” [Prod. IamTash]

By: Seamus Fay

Graduation Music always tries to play a big role in helping our readers discover new music and talent from Massachusetts, and today, I think we’ve stumbled on something that the people will really enjoy. While checking Twitter yesterday, I stumbled upon Boston artist Trezavelli and his newest, money-minded anthem, “100k”. Melodic in sound and relatable in lyricism, this track is ready to make some serious in the local scene and beyond.

The first element that truly attracted me to “100k” was the smooth production courtesy of IamTash. It’s upbeat and bright while still acting as the perfect soundtrack to Trezavelli’s effortless charisma, achieving a specific contrast that sets the tone for this banger on a high note. Lyrically, this song talks about what Trezavelli would do if $100,000 were to come down from the sky and land right in front of him today. His answer? A series of flex-worthy investments that will stay stuck in your head for the rest of the day. He prompts listeners with the question, “what would you do?”, all the while offering bar after bar of memorable quotes and well-executed wordplay.

With that being said, listen to “100k” at the link below and keep that question in mind – “what would you do with $100k?”

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