Lord Felix – “Voice Memo #201”

By: Seamus Fay

The best Lord Felix is always new Lord Felix. We’ve seen him stretch from far-reaching highs to deep, deep lows, and yet, he still finds the ability to channel any emotion with genuine feeling and an unrivaled, polished artistry. In my personal opinion, this Brockton standout talent simply hasn’t missed yet, and to continue this hot streak, he’s here today to drop off the latest of his voice memo series, “Voice Memo #201”.

Backed by a dusty instrumental from Sly Tendencies (now known as none other than Earl Sweatshirt), Felix turns to one of the main strengths that he has shown throughout the voice memo series, time and time again: honest lyricism. He describes life with unfiltered lines of ambition, inner struggle, doubt, and everything in between, making sure to entertain with every single bar and giving us a vivid look into the mind and inner workings of such a unique young artist. Be sure to listen to “Voice Memo #201” at the link below.

*This single also includes a bar referencing Graduation Music, saying “Like the boy Seamus I’m plotting on Graduation.” Shouts out to Lord Felix for that one!

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