FABZ Above – “Ric Flair” [Prod. TQ2]

By: Seamus Fay

From the brilliant choice of clothes to his persona and everything in between, there’s no denying that Ric Flair is a cultural icon in every sense. His mindset is always an entertaining one to hear embodied and referenced in rap, and when done right, makes for a memorable offering each and every time. Today, FABZ Above is here to channel this same braggadocious, confident energy with his newest single, titled after the champ himself, “Ric Flair”.

Produced by TQ2, the eccentric melodies, reinforced by rumbling kicks and hard-hitting drum patterns, leave just enough space for the rising talent to rap over, subsequently placing an emphasis on cadence as he matches the intensity of the instrumental. In this way, FABZ Above excels, as he always seems to know just the right way to punch any instrumental and come away victorious. Aside from this, as mentioned before, the Ric Flair references pile up, making this not only a banger of a song, but an entertaining listen from front to back.

Check out “Ric Flair” at the link below.

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