Premo.Dee – “VSOP Water”

By: Seamus Fay

Here on Graduation Music, it always feels the most rewarding to promote our newest finds that people may not be familiar with as of yet. Today, we introduce Brockton artist Premo.Dee to our pages with the release of his first single, “VSOP Water”. Swept into the warm weather with wavy sounds and well-placed, deeply-cut bass, this track will have you hooked in from the first second to the last with ease.

Upon first listen, what tied me into this song most was the way that Dee is able to take such illustrative sounds and still twist them in his own, unique way. Additionally, adding to the track in a complementary manner, Dee’s infectious flows and feel-what-you-hear approach to music clearly make for entertaining sounds, and with “VSOP Water” to lead the charge, you may just be hearing his name quite a bit in the near future. Considering that Premo.Dee’s potential is easily noticeable even in his first song, we had no option but to make sure that everyone gets prepared for Brockton’s latest talent.

Listen to “VSOP Water” below.

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