Marquis Filthy – “Superman” & “Lovely”

By: Seamus Fay

You may have seen Marquis Filthy on our pages in the past, but trust me when I say that we here at Graduation Music haven’t forgotten about the talent that this young artist possesses. He knows just how to craft his songs in a manner that pushes them into the form of masterpieces rather than quickly-compiled singles, and thinking about the smooth vocals that Filthy is capable of delivering, he’s ready for a huge year in 2018. Today, he returns to our pages with two new singles: “Superman” and “Lovely”.

The first of the two offerings that we are here to offer to readers, “Superman”, is actually a cover of the SZA song “Supermodel”. Understandably, SZA is an ambitious artist to attempt to cover considering just how talented she is, but I honestly believe that Filthy was able to do her talent justice in his cover. The acoustic guitar on the track (courtesy of Anaya B) pushes perfectly off of his passionate vocals, and all in all, “Superman” comes together as a dope release. Listen to it below.

The second of the two is “Lovely”, an original single from the young artist with features from Elle and Vanni. This piano-led potential hit is in every way a song with immense replay value, looking to melodic production via Rascal to detail a past relationship in a vivid manner. The feelings that come across on this track are relatable to any listener, and with such an infectious mood pushed to the surface in this one, it’s only a matter of time until everyone is talking about Marquis Filthy. Having said that, be sure to get hip and check out “Lovely” below.

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