Cousin Stizz – “Lambo” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Simply put, whenever Tee-WaTT and Cousin Stizz join forces, it’s a wrap. Throughout their numerous collaborations over the years, One Night Only standout and one of my personal favorites of their catalog together, “Lambo”, has proven to solidify itself as an anthem of determination and the success that it yields for fans everywhere. Thankfully so, Stizz is back on our pages today to revisit that banger with accompanying visuals.

Rich not only in the luxurious imagery of a Lamborghini but also in the work that it takes to get there, these visuals show us the money-minded ambition that Stizz always seems to exhibit so gracefully with pinpoint accuracy and a personable touch. His inspirational rhymes and relaxed cadences act as promises of the success that the Dorchester native will soon see along with recollections of the success that he has seen so far, and with “Lambo”s purposeful presence as an anthem for getting the bag, these visuals were very necessary to painting the picture of motivation that One Night Only offers to us all.

In the beginning of the video, we watch Stizz eyeing the Lambo alongside Boston-raised designer Derrick Houston Jr. as he seems to take mental note of the car as his monetary goal – he’s not there yet, but with the look that he gives, he knows damn well that he’s on the way to the finish line. Following this decided ambition, the video pans into scene after scene of our favorite cousin collecting cash from boxing bets, shooting dice, and doing whatever else it takes to get what he needs in pursuit of the car, only to return to it by the end of the video and ultimately achieve his goal in racing the Lambo.

Directed by Ian Goodwin, these visuals paint a vivid picture of the motivational presence that Stizz represents in a manner that truly makes for a standout music video. But this comes as no surprise, as this director-rapper combo has seen immense complementary growth throughout the years with many success celebrated alongside one another – a staple case being the “Shoutout” music video that helped put Stizz on the map. With that, it’s always great to see these two rising stars back together with the same chemistry and passion they have shared since the jump, and “Lambo” is living proof that this collaboration yields a spectacular final product every time.

Something tells me that Stizz is just getting started with what he has to come in 2018, so be sure to show some love and click play on the music video for this money-minded anthem below.

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