SK85UPER$TAR – “itaintshit!” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

It comes as no secret by now that SK85UPER$TAR is a natural entertainer. Whether it be on social media or in his music, he’s always sure to make you turn your head, and with his latest Blanco-directed visuals for “intaintshit!”, he is able to do just this. Personally, the carefree energy of the song in its infectious lyricism and confident deliveries first drew me in, but now that I see the visual companion for this one, it creates a connection with the song much further than just audio can do.

For starters, we have to acknowledge that Blanco snapped on this video. His effective use of bold coloring and entertaining effects makes for an overall visually pleasing video, but I find it to be even more effective in the way that he is able to capture the essence of SK85UPER$TAR’s character and personality so well. It’s a fun song and subsequently, we get a fun video. I’m a fan of this product overall and I would definitely recommend checking it out, so with that being said, click play on “itaintshit!” below and keep an eye on SK85UPER$TAR in the future.


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