Maka – “Far Away”

By: Seamus Fay

It seems like every time I check Twitter, Boston’s own Maka has yet another potential hit ready to go. Today, he is back one again on our pages with an infectiously smooth new offering titled “Far Away”, speaking to the homesick feelings that he sometimes ponders in a way that any listener can relate. This track also features a few bars in a different language, adding to the vivid illustrations of his home that fans get to hear on the song, and I must say that I can’t keep this one off of repeat at the moment.

The element that really stuck out to me in this single was the way that Maka is able to space each line out so effectively. He creates a distant feeling in doing so while maintaining close chemistry with the listener, and by using the atmospheric production in the background to make each move count, “Far Away” hits a point where you simply can’t help but hang on each and every word he says. This may be one of Maka’s more relaxed releases in recent weeks, but I’m definitely a fan of the direction that he took this one in and I can’t wait for more.

It’s always a blessing to receive new music from this undeniable young talent, so be sure to check out “Far Away” below.

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