MAKA – “Healthy + Living” & “25 (Wintertime Flow)”

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout 2017, by way of consistently impressive singles, an incredible collaborative project with Boston DJ Durkin in Another Island, and numerous production credits that made for some standout singles, Maka became one of our favorite artists in the budding Massachusetts’ rap scene. His ability to transport listeners wherever his song decides is second to none, and with a consistent output of heat to keep everyone hooked in, Maka just can’t miss. Picking up right where he left off in 2017, he’s back on our pages today to deliver more of the tropical sounds that he has become so well known for with two new singles: “Healthy + Living” and “25 (Wintertime Flow)”.

“25 (Wintertime Flow)” actually dropped about a week ago on Maka’s birthday and we ended up missing it, but in celebration of what will surely be a big year in his life, this track’s infectious energy and simple yet wonderfully-crafted melodies tell us that he’s ready for yet another prosperous year to come. Just a week later, Maka came back to the light once again to drop off his latest offering, “Healthy + Living”. He’s starting 2018 off on the right note, waking up every day both grateful and happy to be alive and healthy, and the music couldn’t reflect this energy any better.

Each of these tracks paints the rising talents mindset at the moment with vivid pens and care-free, intoxicating production as Maka continues to solidify his name in Boston as an artist you simply cannot miss. With that being said, celebrate the new year with Maka by clicking play on “Healthy + Living” and “25 (Wintertime Flow)” below.

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