Maka & Durkin – “Another Island Mix”

By: Seamus Fay

This past summer, in a successful attempt to transport listeners to a distant place musically, Boston artists Durkin and Maka blessed us with a 5-song EP titled Another Island. Rich with intoxicating styles and tropical sounds, the project most certainly achieved its purpose, soundtracking the summer with radiating energy and a sharp ear for eccentric sounds to fuel the warm energy throughout.

Today, Durkin and Maka are back to revisit their joint EP with the official “Another Island Mix”, meant to show fans some of the music that the two young talents were listening to during the creation of the project. It certainly puts things in perspective in terms of the headspace that the dynamic duo were able to make such a tropical masterpiece out of, and arriving to us via Bodega Pirate Radio, this mix will certainly make its rounds as a thoroughly-selected collection of songs to use whenever you need to transport out of Boston’s cold winters into a tropical getaway.

It’s interesting to hear the inspiration behind such a unique project, and I highly recommend clicking play on the “Another Island Mix” below to further the listening experience next time you choose to revisit the EP. Durkin and Maka are a duo that refuse to be ignored, so don’t sleep.

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