cWave$ – “Shh…” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Boston artist cWave$ has been making noise for some time now with a distinctive style and well-developed aesthetic, keeping this very image moving forward in his latest visuals for “Shh…”. The track itself holds a mistrust for people in general, speaking to the rising talent’s mindset using reinforced deliveries and a clever array of unique flows. It’s well-packaged, well-delivered, and frankly, a dope single in just about every aspect.

But when you take that and add it to 90s-esque scenes of dark imagery, complemented by an abundance of effects and unpredictable movements in both scenery and positioning, you really get to see cWave$ at his best. His music certainly illustrates a picture, and when that picture is brought to life visually, we get to see the full potential of one of Boston’s most unique artists. With that being said, I highly recommend checking out “Shh…” below. This definitely isn’t the video to sleep on.

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