Superior – “Flex Freestyle” [Prod. Qreamy Beats]

By: Seamus Fay

Poised with the ability to entertain listeners with ease, utilizing his wide array of flows and signature charisma, Superior has solidified himself many times over as one of Boston’s finest rising talents. Personally, I first found his music about a year ago in a string of singles on SoundCloud and I’ve been hooked ever since. Today, the Graduation Music frequent flyer is here with a new release titled “Flex Freestyle” produced by Qreamy Beats.

Finding its wings in trunk-rattling kicks and smooth lines, this track perfectly exemplifies Superior’s versatility and straight-forward approach to rap. He’s talking about his real life, and over an ethereal atmosphere of angelic keys and melodies, these accounts and ideas achieve a well-fitting authenticity. Overall, this release will undoubtedly keep the stocks rising for the Boston native and I can’t wait for what he has in store next. Click play on “Flex Freestyle” below to get hip.

And in the wise words of Barack Obama, protect Superior at all costs.

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