Clyde Black – “Written DEMO” [Prod. Knxwledge]

By: Seamus Fay

Currently on the road to the release of his forthcoming project, Dīenuē member Clyde Black will be dropping a demo from the tape every Friday to show fans what steps he has taken sound-wise to get to the final product. Not only is this sure to help create a story around such an anticipated mixtape, but it will also clearly highlight the improvements that were made during the creation of it, from sound to lyrics to style and everything in between.

Just yesterday, Black released the first of the demo series with “Written DEMO” – a wonderfully personal track over the tune of a Knxwledge instrumental. The soulful feeling that this one gives off is refreshing, to say the least, and the rising talent definitely does it justice with sharp lyricism and well-placed vocals to make for a fuller sound. And think about, if this is just a demo, the project will undoubtedly make waves in the local scene and launch Clyde Black’s career on the right foot. Listen to “Written DEMO” below and keep an eye out every Friday for a new track.

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