Count – “Bangin’ On My Doe” [Prod. Dee B]

By: Chris Durkin

Currently on a run of solid music to keep the streets hot, Count is solidifying himself as one of Boston’s finest upcoming artists. After numerous teases all over his social media, the rising talent dropped the cover art for his new single “Bangin’ On My Doe” to his Instagram and followed that up with a set time for the release on his story just a few days ago. With fans eager to get a listen awaiting the new track, Count decided to drop the Dee B-produced track 15 minutes prior to set release which stirred up the chaos behind the drop for certain. This latest offering gives us insight into the life of the local talent as he continues to deliver numerous poetic charms and soothing melodies, again and again.

To keep it simple, “Bangin’ On My Doe” is the one. Count’s artistry is improving with every release, but this one might just be his most promising single as of yet – and that’s a lot considering all the other heat he has blessed us with in the past. Additionally, with all the snippets that he has been releasing, how many hits does Count have in the vault? We can’t answer that, but we can tell you that he has no shortage of heat ready to go. Listen to “Bangin’ On my Doe” below:

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